Suits WH7670, ISO-TIP and others Wahl battery operated soldering iron tips.Suits Iso-Tip Quick Charge Cordless...

Starts From: $17.85

4.8mm tip to suit EB200K Edsyn Gas Soldering Iron Suits EB200K and others

Order Code : BP4200

Suits Scope Black Handle SS

Order Code : SS06A

TIP INCLUDED These Hot Tweezers from Hakko make it quick and easy to remove CHIP and SOP components. In contrast to a...

Order Code : FX8804-02

Iroda Butane Soldering Iron Kit QUICK-CHANGE CARTRIDGE SYSTEM ! Iroda SOLDERPRO-150 is CPSC certified with the...

Order Code : PRO150KIT

Weller Stations: EC1000, EC1001, EC1002, EC2000, EC2001, DS1003, WEC-P, WEC-24, WES51D, WESD51D, WE1010, etc.

Starts From: $7.95

DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED & ADJUSTABLE This Weller 70 Watt soldering station is 40% more powerful than the...

Order Code : WE1010

MANUFACTURED IN AUSTRALIA Innovative rechargeable battery powered cordless soldering irons from Aussie Rechargeable...

Order Code : ARI175-R


Order Code : HE9908

Order Code : PX1ASY

This fully functioning USB powered soldering iron is compact portable and heats up rapidly, with fast recovery. 5V 2A...

Order Code : SI-168U

The Hakko FR-301 is the direct replacement for the FR-300. It features an improved temperature recovery time for...

Order Code : FR-301

Printed Circuit Board Preheater, 150° - 300°C (302° - 572°F)

Order Code : FR820-11

HOT TIP PROTECTED Thumb-wheel design for easy control of the amount of desoldering wire. Can be wound back....

Starts From: $2.15

Pure copper high quality desorldering braid geometrically woven. Economical and easy-to-use, handy for the removal of...

Starts From: $1.30

TEMPERATURE CAN BE SELECTED WITH OPTIONAL TIPS Large high powered high temperature heavy duty soldering iron.100W for...

Order Code : W100D

LARGE 530°c IRON WITH PIEZO IGNITION Easy-to-handle, requires no power cord or batteries and is electrically...

Order Code : WP4

AUSTRALIAN MADE - PROFESSIONAL GRADE - ALUMINIUM BODY Innovative rechargeable battery powered cordless soldering irons...

Starts From: $24.95

WITH RING TERMINALS 35cm earth cable with ring terminals on both ends (O.D.: 11mmØ, I.D. 6mmØ)Can be used for...

Order Code : LY-SB10

WELLER 5 cleaning sponges per packSize: 70x55x15mmSuitable for Weller WMPH/WPH81 iron holders.

Order Code : T0052241999

A1261B, QFP, 20.2x20.2mm Hot Air Nozzle

Order Code : A1261B

Order Code : HK474-62
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