12V DC 60A SPDT 5 Pin weatherproof automotive relay.

Order Code : TW1134

This is a 12V 15A Contact Rated Universal Switching Relay. The relay is contact closed when power is applied.

Order Code : REL01LOOM

Order Code : 4C-LT-A230

Deutsch Connector - 2x Relay - 2x Switch WITH DUAL ON/OFF PUSH-BUTTONS 2x 30A ATC Fuse inline. 2x 60A switching...

Order Code : WK003

POPULAR 4 PIN AUTOMOTIVE RELAY Universal Auto Relay 4 Pin DC 12V 30A With built-in fuse socket and mounting...

Order Code : TW4330

WITH PUSH-BUTTON ON/OFF 30A /40A switching relay. ATC Fuse inline. Splits Heavy-Duty cable at the centre relay from...

Starts From: $24.50

Order Code : 18FF-4C-D2

9.5mm & 6.3mm Terminals NVF4-4C-Z60a

Order Code : TW3460


Order Code : RL4333


Starts From: $5.75


Starts From: $2.75

Order Code : RLB4320

PCB Mount suits MI-SS Type SPDT Relay,

Order Code : RLB4182

Suits "Tags" type JQX-13F Relays for quick insert into DIN rack.

Order Code : 13F-2C-D1

Suits "Tags" type JQX-13F Relays for quick insert into PCB socket.

Order Code : RLB4316

4C-LT-A230 is a Degson® copy of JZX-18FF2304C-LT-A230 has mechanical test button and LED indicator

Starts From: $6.16


Starts From: $2.50

Starts From: $3.95

6A SPDT PCB type. P/No. NT73-2C-S10

Starts From: $3.15


Order Code : MR301-12
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