ZA510 HV05-12 12KV 550mA Rectifier 12KV, 550mA Rectifier DiodeHV05-12 with 4.3mm to Ring

Order Code : ZA510


Starts From: $1.75

High surge current 500A/1200A 10mS.Up to 1200 V VRRM. RoHS compliant.Nut=18mm, Hole=6.35mm, Height=36mmStandard is...

Starts From: $11.50

A606V4760JP, A606V5110BP, HV6X2P Bi-Directional High Voltage Diode 2X062H 10uA D1=1.5KV D2=6.0KV Replaces...

Order Code : 2X062H


Order Code : MWD60


Order Code : HD204M


Order Code : MWD90

A606V5110BP Loom with 2X062H Original cabling A606V5110BP Diode 2X062H

Order Code : MWD606

Microwave Diodes Common microwave replacement set. HV6X2P & HV05-12 Supplied already wired with connectors (6mm).

Order Code : ZA018

Microwave Stack Diode A6202-4N10T A6202-4N10T(D701 & D702)

Order Code : UX-C2B

Microwave 9KV 350mA 10K Volts, 500mA Genuine OEM. No Terminals

Order Code : HVR1X4

Microwave replacement for 2X062H

Order Code : HV6X2P

350mA 12000V Diode HV05-12 RECTIFIER DIODE High Voltage Regulator DiodeRated 500mA 12KV RectifierHV05-12, HVR-1X-3T,...

Order Code : HVM12

Starts From: $0.10
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